An Ox named Oink and a Pig named Moo utilizes satire to convey to young readers the harsh reality of racism and prejudice that is still abhorrently acceptable in today’s society. Readers will close the book both torn and complete as the story unravels how bravery, acceptance and compassion can change the world amidst unbearable pain.



An Excerpt

“Oink’s eyes widened as he recognized that voice. He held his breath and couldn’t move. His eyes started to water with so much mixed emotion. He was filled with anger, joy, hate, and love all at the same time! In an instant, it all came together. Every word ever spoken and every question in the past finally made sense. They sat in silence until Oink finally forced words out of his mouth. He was filled with so much conflict. He was burning inside and yet filled with joy to have finally met his lifelong friend.”




Hortencia Camargo is a published columnist, founder and executive director of a children’s geared non-profit organization, entrepreneur in the energy sector, former community chair for The Organization of Women Executives and is currently involved in the support activities for renewable energy and wind farms. Her most esteemed accomplishment is being the mother of four sons and the wife to her very best friend for over 22 years.

“Being a mother is what truly inspired me to write this book. I was given the great blessing of having four sons and the task to make them well-mannered, good, kind, compassionate men willing, and eager to lead others to what is right,” Camargo writes. 

“To change the world, we must change the mindset
of the young.”

Racism is a paramount issue that negatively affects society as a whole. This book helps the young reader face the challenging questions about inequality in our communities and homes and the baseless justification of those views. 

The only way to end racism is to change the mindset of the young. Children are born absent hate; it’s taught to them; the blame solely falls on the parents. It’s my prayer this book plants a seed of hope, compassion, and forgiveness, and that those traits be shared and multiplied throughout the upcoming generations. 


“An Ox Named Oink and a Pig Named Moo” is the first of a series of children’s books that focus on today’s social climate issues. The following book will focus on illegal immigration and child separation. We must find a way to hold on to our humanity while uploading the law. We cannot let hate encompass our goal of a safe and just America. Empathy must be held on to while uploading the law. 

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